1. Delivery

1.1 Delivery times

We will send you an e-mail confirmation and a tracking number to keep you informed about the shipping process.

Please allow 14 to 60 days for delivery, depending on the country. We have very limited stocks in order to guarantee quality, since your satisfaction is our first priority.

If after 60 days you have not received your package, please write to: info@azanora.com


1.2 Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide. Note: The delivery of time may vary by country. It usually goes faster for the United States and European countries.



1.4 I have received my package, but some products are missing.

We have several warehouses and store different collections. Some products, depending on the collections are sent separately. After 28 days, if you have not received the missing products, leave us a message under the heading: contact us


2. Return Policy

2.1. I received my damaged product

We are sorry to hear, sometimes damage occurs during shipping.

All you need to do is send us an email and link a photo of the defective product within 48 hours after receiving your product to: azanora@outlook.fr

Unfortunately, Azanora does not accept returns or exchanges after 48 hours. We will refund you once we have received your email with the photo or we can send you a new article! Let us know in your e-mail which solution you prefer.

Note: We insist that you must send us the email and the picture within 48 hours after receiving the product.

2.2 No refund in order errors on your part

Our store does not accept returns or exchanges, once an item has been received, it can not be returned.

We can only offer replacements at no additional cost if the following criteria are met: Items are defective - damaged / broken on arrival and parcels lost in transit. We do not accept returns or refunds if the customer changes their mind after receiving their order (s). Note: Azanora will not be held responsible for lost or misdirected packages.


3. Taxes

3.1 Are taxes included?

Tax is not included. There are usually no taxes for the United States and European countries. But be aware that additional taxes may be charged by your country upon arrival.

Azanora is not responsible for these fees and can not determine how much they will be. These taxes are determined by the country of destination and are NOT included in the price of the product you purchase. All duties and taxes must be paid at the time of delivery.

4. My tracking number is not valid. What should I do? 

Contact us at : info@azanora.com. We will contact the post office / carrier to have more informations about it. In the case your tracking number is still not valid, we have to wait for the 60 days delivery mentioned. After 60 days if the packet has not arrived, the customer get a full refund immediately. 

5. Payment

5.1 What payment methods are supported?

Azanora currently supports the following payment methods:

Pay Pal
Master Card
American Express
6. Cancellation

6.1 Cancellation of order

You can request a cancellation within 24 hours of purchase. After 24 hours If we have already shipped your product and you have changed your mind, we will unfortunately charge you the shipping costs to send it back to us (generally, never exceed $ 5 - $ 10 depending on the weight).


7. Contact us

If you have not found an answer to your question, please leave us a message under Contact.